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Major Features

" I've been programming for the Internet in various capacities since 1997. I've worked on many large scale projects, as well as many big name Internet Marketing "gurus" and other large companies. I've programmed some pretty huge web apps; some of which some of you reading this may have used. Not… "


Keep In Touch With Your Customers Using Newsletters and Follow Ups in JEM

Create Unlimited Mailing Lists and Newsletters

JEM allows you to create unlimited mailing lists where your users can subscribe and unsubscribe to via their members area. Create HTML and/or Text Based Newsletters using the built-in HTML editor. Upload photos and images for use in your newsletters or follow up messages. Read More...

Unlimited, Scheduled Follow Ups Per  Mailing List

Each mailing list allows you to create unlimited follow up messages. Send each follow up on a different interval, giving you the ability to "keep in touch" with your prospects and customers automatically. Send custom follow up messages per product and tailor your marketing emails for great upsell options. Read More...

Send Manual Broadcast Messages To All of your Customers and Affiliates

Need to send a quick update to your customers?  You can do so right in the JEM admin area.  Select any of your mailing lists and send a mass email right to your users in a just a few clicks.  You can even schedule your broadcasts to go out on specific dates. Read More...

Tailor Custom Mailing Lists Per Product

Create product specific mailing lists that users are automatically subscribed to when they purchase a particular product. This is great for things such as follow-up courses, instructional information for your product and more. Read More...

Auto Subscribe and Unsubscribe Options and Automatic Email Archiving

Users can automatically subscribe or unsubscribe from any of your lists right from their members area, or via unsubscribe links in your emails. JEM also gives you the option to archive all emails sent by JEM for your records. Read More...

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