JROX eCommerce Manager Pricing Options

Select an option that best suits your needs

Leased License

Pay a small monthly fee and get started
per month
  • Install on the Hosting Account of Your Choice
  • Instant License Key Availability
  • Very Affordable Monthly Option
  • Grow Your Business with No Big Upfront Costs
  • Costs Less than $1 Per Day
  • Includes Priority Technical Support via Help Desk
  • No Contracts, No Other Fees, Cancel Any Time

Owned License

One payment, no other fees required
one time payment
  • Install on the Hosting Account of Your Choice
  • Instant License Key Availability
  • One Time Upfront Cost Only
  • You Own the License for Life
  • Includes 90 Days Priority Support via Help Desk
  • Installment Payments are Available
  • No Contracts, No Other Fees Required

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I cancel my leased or hosted license anytime?

Yes.  You can cancel your leased license or hosted license at any time.  There is no termination fee or contract.  Our lease and hosted options are all month to month licenses.

2. Can I move from a leased license to an owned license anytime?

Yes, you can move an owned license of JEM at any time when you pay the owned license price.  Once that is done, we can cancel the recurring payment for the leased license without affecting your current JEM site install.

There is no need to reinstall anything. All changes happen on our site, nothing changes on your site.

3. Do I need to buy a license if you host my site / store for me?

When you purchase a hosted license, it comes complete with a standard web hosting account, as well as a license for JEM.  There is no need to purchase another license when hosting your site with us.

4. What is the difference between a JEM Leased License and an Owned License?

a leased license requires you to pay a small fee each month to keep your license active for your site. This is similar to a hosted license, except that you host the software on your own hosting account.

An owned license only requires one payment for the software. Once that payment is made, you own the software free and clear, with no other required payments in the future.


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