Quick Overview of the JEM admin area

Added 6 years ago | 4467 Views
There are 10 major tabs in the JEM interface. In order: Dashboard - by default, once you log into the admin site you will see the dashboard tab highlighted on…

Upgrading JEM from version 1 to version 2

Added 5 years ago | 3638 Views
To upgrade JROX eCommerce Manager from version 1 to version 2, please follow these steps: Backup your JEM database and your JEM folder first.  You can run the database backup…

Upgrading JEM

Added 5 years ago | 3303 Views
To update, follow these instructions: Download the zip file from our site. unzip it. Make sure to backup your /system/application/config/config.php and database.php Upload all files from the zip file to…

JEM File Structure

Added 6 years ago | 2420 Views
The JEM Application is divided into a number of different sections.  This document will attempt to describe each area for development purposes.    /docs - includes the licensing documentation for…

Creating a New JEM Module

Added 6 years ago | 2317 Views
This document will attempt to outline steps for creating a module in JEM.  Because this requires advanced knowledge of PHP and MySQL programming, we ask that you consult a qualified…

Moving JEM to a different domain or web host

Added 6 years ago | 2137 Views
If you are looking to move JEM to a different domain, you do not need to reinstall it.  Just follow these steps: Copy all of your JEM files from your…

How do I change the database information for JEM?

Added 6 years ago | 2034 Views
To change the database info in JEM, you must follow these steps:   Open up /system/application/config/database.php In that file, it will list the database information. You must make sure that…

How to reset the JEM admin password

Added 6 years ago | 2013 Views
To reset your password, you can go to the following site:  http://www.yourdomain.com/admin and reset via the 'reset password' link. You need to input the valid email address you used for…

The JEM Framework

Added 6 years ago | 1833 Views
JEM is built using the following technologies and framework: PHP MySQL JQuery Codeigniter Framework   PHP JEM requires at least PHP version 5.2 to run correctly and without any issues. …

Design Features of JEM

Added 6 years ago | 1607 Views
JEM uses a variety of ways to design high-quality professional website themes   CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) for designing its themes - each website theme has its own stylesheet that…

Updating JEM

Added 6 years ago | 1397 Views
Periodically, we will issue updates to the JEM software to address bugs and add new features.  It is critical for those that are already using JEM to update to the…

Importing Data from JAM to JEM

Added 6 years ago | 1303 Views
JEM has a module that will import certain data elements in JAM to JEM.  These include: Affiliates Commissions Payments Traffic Marketing Tools All other settings must be manually configured in…

Content Types in JEM

Added 6 years ago | 1204 Views
JEM has 3 different types of content: Blog, Standard, and Advanced.  Each content type is set in the Options tab for each Content's details Blog Content The default content type…

How Do I Download JEM?

Added 6 years ago | 1147 Views
You can download JEM from our members area: https://www.jrox.com/login/ If you do not have an account, you can register for a free one on the home page directly: http://www.jrox.com  

How to Backup the JEM Database

Added 6 years ago | 984 Views
JEM can automatically backup your database via cron job to protect your data.  To do so, follow these steps: Click on Settings > Global Configuration > System > Backup Settings…


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