Changing Product Images Sizes

Added 5 years ago | 2767 Views
To change the product image containers, you can edit the following CSS: /* Image size in "Similar product" column*/ .thumb-images { max-width: 100px; max-height: 100px; } /* Image size in…

How To Hide Certain Boxes or Elements on a Page

Added 5 years ago | 1066 Views
If you want to quickly hide certain boxes or elements on your JEM theme, you can quickly do it using some basic CSS.    Here's an example: You want to…

Editing CSS

Added 5 years ago | 1011 Views
JEM allows you to make simple CSS edits to your theme by going to Design > Site Layout > Custom CSS   Enter the CSS code you want to use…

Adding Custom CSS tags

Added 5 years ago | 1006 Views
To add your Custom CSS tags, go to Design >> Site Layout 3 tabs will appear: Layout Options - controls the appearance of your homepage, its tagline and logo, among…

Editing the CSS for menu items

Added 5 years ago | 894 Views
The CSS file that is used for the menu items is located in the CSS nav subfolder for the theme that you are using.  An example path would be: /themes/main/YOUR_THEME/css/nav/nav.css…


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