How Do I Find Out My Affiliate's Link URL?

Added 7 years ago | 4615 Views
Your affiliate's links are generated in their members area.  If you want to view them, just log in to the members area as your member.  To do that, click on…

Configuring Dynamic Subdomain Affiliates Links

Added 7 years ago | 2706 Views
*Setting up dynamic subdomains takes a bit of technical expertise.  If you are not familiar with editing your server configuration files, please do not attempt this or at least consult…

Affiliate Link Types

Added 7 years ago | 2555 Views
JEM supports 3 different affiliate link types: Regular Links - links resemble the following: Users that click on that link will be sent directly to your home page. Replicated…

Setting up affiliate links

Added 7 years ago | 1916 Views
To set up affiliate links, follow these steps: Open up /system/application/config/routes.php for the following line, change it from: define('AFFILIATE_ROUTE', 'affiliates'); $route[AFFILIATE_ROUTE.'/:any'] = "refer/id/$1"; to: define('AFFILIATE_ROUTE', ''); $route[AFFILIATE_ROUTE.'/:any'] = "refer/id/$1";…


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