Changing Product Images Sizes

Added 4 years ago | 2411 Views
To change the product image containers, you can edit the following CSS: /* Image size in "Similar product" column*/ .thumb-images { max-width: 100px; max-height: 100px; } /* Image size in…

Customizing a Theme

Added 4 years ago | 1879 Views
Downloading New Themes To view and download new themes, click here   Customizing a Theme JEM allows you to add your own custom theme, or edit any theme currently in…

How To edit the header and footer templates

Added 4 years ago | 1776 Views
To edit the header and footer template for your site, follow these steps. Find out the name of the theme you are using, for example: simple_white Browse to the simple_white…

Creating a Custom Home Page

Added 4 years ago | 1650 Views
JEM allows you to create your own custom home page instead of using the default one provided by JEM. You can do that with the following instructions.   Changing the…

Creating a Custom Theme

Added 4 years ago | 1576 Views
To create a custom theme, we recommend following these steps: Download a theme directly from your JEM admin area, under Design > Manage Themes.  Click on the download icon for…

Adding a New Theme

Added 4 years ago | 1543 Views
To add a new theme in JEM, you must do the following: Log in to your website via FTP.  If you don't have an FTP software installed on your computer,…

Configuring Site Layout Options

Added 4 years ago | 1241 Views
To configure Site Layout Options, go to Design >> Site Layout.   3 tabs will appear: Layout Options - controls the appearance of your homepage, its tagline and logo, among…

Showing the left or right column for standard web pages

Added 4 years ago | 1211 Views
If you want to show or hide the left right columns for standard pages, you can do so by following these steps: Click on Design > Site Layout On the…

How to Redirect Members Login to a Custom Page Instead of the Members Area

Added 4 years ago | 1201 Views
JEM redirects users to the members area by default when they login from your JEM home page, or through the main Login area. If you want them to be redirected…

Design Features of JEM

Added 4 years ago | 1186 Views
JEM uses a variety of ways to design high-quality professional website themes   CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) for designing its themes - each website theme has its own stylesheet that…

Creating a Custom Layout Box

Added 4 years ago | 1183 Views
To make a Custom Layout Box, follow these steps   Upload your layout box to /system/application/views/boxes/ folder.  Make sure the name for it is in the following naming conventions: tpl_boxes_NAME_OF_BOX_.php…

Viewing Layout Themes

Added 4 years ago | 1147 Views
To view Layout Themes, go to Design >> Manage Themes.   A new page will appear and show the available themes for your site. To view one particular theme, you…

Customizing Layout Columns

Added 4 years ago | 1127 Views
To customize Layout Columns, go to Design >> Site Layout.   3 tabs will appear: Layout Options - controls the appearance of your homepage, its tagline and logo, among others…

Creating a Simple Layout Box

Added 4 years ago | 1054 Views
To make a simple layout box, go to Design >> Layout Box Manager, then click on the 'Add simple layout box' button.   A pop-up will appear on your screen…

Creating Custom Product Details Pages Using Templates

Added 4 years ago | 1054 Views
* Requires programming knowledge of PHP JEM allows you to create custom product details pages for each product, if you don't want to use the default product details template.  …


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