Adding FAQ Articles

Added 7 years ago | 1477 Views
To add an FAQ Article, go to Content >> Manage FAQ >> Add FAQ article.   Or go to Content >> Manage FAQ and click on the 'add FAQ article'…

Adding FAQ Categories

Added 7 years ago | 1345 Views
To Add an FAQ Category, go to Content >> FAQ Categories.   To edit an FAQ category, click on the edit icon under the actions column. To add an FAQ…

What is a Frequently Asked Question or FAQ?

Added 7 years ago | 1100 Views
A Frequently Asked Question or FAQ for short, is literally what it means - a question that is asked to you or your staff frequently.    To help your customers…

showing the left or right column for FAQ pages

Added 7 years ago | 1053 Views
If you want to show or hide the left right columns for FAQ pages, you can do so by following these steps: Click on Design > Site Layout On the…


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