Creating a Custom Layout Box

Added 6 years ago | 1803 Views
To make a Custom Layout Box, follow these steps   Upload your layout box to /system/application/views/boxes/ folder.  Make sure the name for it is in the following naming conventions: tpl_boxes_NAME_OF_BOX_.php…

Managing Layout Boxes

Added 6 years ago | 1548 Views
To manage Layout Boxes, go to Design >> Layout Box Manager. Layout Box Manager controls the appearance of all the layout boxes in the left and right hand columns on…

Creating a Simple Layout Box

Added 6 years ago | 1508 Views
To make a simple layout box, go to Design >> Layout Box Manager, then click on the 'Add simple layout box' button.   A pop-up will appear on your screen…

Enabling or disabling layout boxes

Added 6 years ago | 1076 Views
To enable or disable certain layout boxes, just go to Design > Layout Box Manager and click on the status icon on the left to enable or disable your selected…

Sorting and moving layout boxes

Added 6 years ago | 990 Views
To sort or move layout boxes, follow these steps: Click on Design > Layout Box Manager On the layout boxes page, enter the sort order numerically for each column and…

What is a layout box?

Added 6 years ago | 960 Views
A layout box is a small container or "box" of code that gets displayed on the left or right columns of your site. Layout boxes can display a variety of…


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