Enabling menu item language translation

Added 7 years ago | 1513 Views
If you want to offer different languages on your site, and want the menu text to be translated as well, you must enable the following option in Settings  > Global…

Creating Drop Down Menus

Added 7 years ago | 1457 Views
Menu maker is for creating menus and submenus.  You can create a drop down for certain menu types, such as the top menu, left menu, and members menu. To create…

Managing Site Menus

Added 7 years ago | 1440 Views
To manage your Site Menus, go to Design >> Menu Maker.   The following tabs will appear: top menu - This is the top menu that shows on your public…

Using dynamic tags for menu items

Added 7 years ago | 1336 Views
Dynamic tags in menus are only needed for the following:   Easy portability - If you use dynamic tags for certain parts of your site, JEM will automatically create those…

Editing the CSS for menu items

Added 7 years ago | 1175 Views
The CSS file that is used for the menu items is located in the CSS nav subfolder for the theme that you are using.  An example path would be: /themes/main/YOUR_THEME/css/nav/nav.css…


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