Adding Product Categories

Added 5 years ago | 1117 Views
To add Product Categories, go to Products >> Manage Categories. Click on the  'add product category' button on the right hand side of the screen.   A pop-up will appear…

Adding Products to Multiple Categories

Added 5 years ago | 1091 Views
You can add your products to multiple categories for display on your JEM store. To do so, just follow these steps: Click on Products > Manage Products Click the  icon…

Viewing products set for each category

Added 5 years ago | 983 Views
To view products set for each product category, just click on Products > Manage Categories, and click on the number on the right hand side for each category:

Changing Sub Categories Sort Order

Added 5 years ago | 974 Views
To change the sort order for product sub categories shown on the JEM store, please do the following: Open up the /system/application/config/db_sort.php Scroll to the following options: //product categories $config['dbs_prc_column']…

How to Show the Sub-Category Links

Added 5 years ago | 964 Views
The sub-categories are hidden by default via CSS.  If you want to be able to view it, you will need to edit some CSS. Click on Design > Site Layout.…

Setting a photo for a category

Added 5 years ago | 917 Views
To set a photo for your category, just click on the Product Category in Products > Manage Categories and upload the image via the pop up window.

Sorting Product Category

Added 5 years ago | 905 Views
Since there is no option on the Admin site to sort product category, you would have to edit a certain file to do so. Please follow these steps: Open up…

How to add a Product Subcategory

Added 5 years ago | 884 Views
You can add a subcategory the same way you add a main category. You just choose the directory path, for example:      1.  Click Add Product Category . For example:…

Setting category keywords

Added 5 years ago | 847 Views
To set category keywords, just click on the Product Category in Products > Manage Categories and enter the keywords via the window:


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