Configuring the Affiliate Marketing Module

Added 7 years ago | 3299 Views
To Configure the Affiliate Marketing Module, follow these steps: Click on Settings > Global Configuration > Marketing > Affiliate Marketing Specify the options to enable for affiliate marketing: Enable Affiliate…

Creating a New JEM Module

Added 7 years ago | 2776 Views
This document will attempt to outline steps for creating a module in JEM.  Because this requires advanced knowledge of PHP and MySQL programming, we ask that you consult a qualified…

Accessing API Commands in Your Custom Module

Added 7 years ago | 2142 Views
JEM allows you to access certain API commands for custom modules. You may need this for forwarding member data to your custom modules/functions. To load API commands, you must first…

What is the Module System?

Added 7 years ago | 2073 Views
JEM has a Built-In Module System that allows developers to add custom modules to it. This system allows you to extend the functionality of JEM, as well as add new…


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