Creating a Blog Style Website

Added 5 years ago | 1588 Views
To create a blog style website, follow these steps: Click on Design > Site Layout. Under Default Home Page, select Content. Click Submit. Your home page will now show your…

Adding Your Own Custom HTML

Added 5 years ago | 1419 Views
JEM allows you to add your own custom HTML file, either through the HTML editor or through an external HTML file.   To do that, follow these steps. Add Content…

Content Category Types

Added 5 years ago | 1403 Views
JEM has a number of built-in content categories. Default - the main content category.  If you don't assign your content to any other categories, it will be set here. Privacy…

Content Article Types

Added 5 years ago | 1318 Views
JEM has 3 different content types Blog - blog page are formatted in a blog-style, where content articles are shown in chronological order. users have the option of adding comments…

Adding Content Articles

Added 5 years ago | 1205 Views
To add new Content, go to  Content >> Manage Content >> Add Content. You will see two tabs: Manage Content and Options.   Manage Content - is where you may…

Adding new blog entries

Added 5 years ago | 1165 Views
To add a blog entry in JEM, follow these steps: Click on Content > Manage Content > Add Content Add your content via the HTML editor. On the Options tab,…

Content Types in JEM

Added 5 years ago | 1134 Views
JEM has 3 different types of content: Blog, Standard, and Advanced.  Each content type is set in the Options tab for each Content's details Blog Content The default content type…

Creating drip feed content

Added 5 years ago | 1100 Views
JEM fully supports drip feed content publishing.  By this, we mean that you can create as much content as you want, and have it published for your automatically on future…

Adding Content Categories

Added 5 years ago | 1095 Views
To add a Content Category, go to Content >> Content Categories. There are 3 columns: ID  - content ID categories actions - edit or delete   Click on 'add category'…

Setting up a Disqus based Comment System in JEM

Added 5 years ago | 1088 Views
Disqus is a very popular third party commenting system.  This system allows you to have readers comment on your JEM articles without having to login or register in JEM. It…

Creating Custom Web Pages

Added 5 years ago | 1068 Views
To create a custom web page, follow these steps: Click on Content > Manage Content > Add Content If you want to use the built HTML editor, start typing in…

Blog vs Standard Content

Added 5 years ago | 1067 Views
  In JEM, when you select the blog content type for your article, it is automatically shown on the categories list for the category that you select it to be…

Adding external HTML files as content

Added 5 years ago | 1045 Views
If you have your own HTML file that you want shown in JEM, you can add that as well. Click on Content > Manage Content > Add Content Click on…

Editing the Terms and Conditions pages

Added 5 years ago | 1023 Views
To add to your terms and conditions pages, follow these steps: Click on Content > Manage Content > Add Content Enter your privacy policy details through the HTML editor Click…

Moderate Content Comments

Added 5 years ago | 955 Views
To moderate user comments, follow these steps: Click on Content > Manage Content > Moderate Comments If there are any comments to moderate, they will be listed here. Approve each…

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