How Do I Find Out My Affiliate's Link URL?

Added 7 years ago | 4444 Views
Your affiliate's links are generated in their members area.  If you want to view them, just log in to the members area as your member.  To do that, click on…

How to Give a Signup Bonus to an Affiliate for Referring Someone

Added 7 years ago | 2817 Views
JEM allows you to setup performance bonuses for your affiliates. To set this up, follow these steps: Click on Settings > Global Configuration > Marketing > Performance Bonuses Configure the…

How To edit the header and footer templates

Added 7 years ago | 2785 Views
To edit the header and footer template for your site, follow these steps. Find out the name of the theme you are using, for example: simple_white Browse to the simple_white…

How to edit the contact us template

Added 7 years ago | 2536 Views
To edit the default contact us form on JEM, follow these instructions:Open up or login to your JEM folder via FTP or your File Manager.Browse to the /system/application/views/main subfolderOpen up…

How do I change the database information for JEM?

Added 7 years ago | 2464 Views
To change the database info in JEM, you must follow these steps:   Open up /system/application/config/database.php In that file, it will list the database information. You must make sure that…

How to reset the JEM admin password

Added 7 years ago | 2370 Views
To reset your password, you can go to the following site: and reset via the 'reset password' link. You need to input the valid email address you used for…

How do I Edit the Default Member Login Email?

Added 7 years ago | 2126 Views
You can edit the default member login email that JEM sends out by clicking on Settings > Email Templates.Scroll to the Member Login Details Template to edit.

How To Work on Your JEM Store on a Different Host

Added 7 years ago | 2087 Views
If you currently have a website that you want to keep running while you work on getting your JEM system, you can do that by temporarily pointing your local computer…

How to Redirect Members Login to a Custom Page Instead of the Members Area

Added 7 years ago | 2043 Views
JEM redirects users to the members area by default when they login from your JEM home page, or through the main Login area. If you want them to be redirected…

How to Give an Affiliate a Signup Bonus

Added 7 years ago | 1927 Views
If you want to give an affiliate a signup bonus just for signing up for you site, follow these steps: Click on Settings > Global Configuration > Marketing > Performance…

How is Affiliate Marketing Integrated into JEM?

Added 7 years ago | 1897 Views
JEM has a fully integrated affiliate marketing system built into it.  This allows you to create a very robust and flexible affiliate program, one in which you can specify different…

How to Change the Word Length for Product Overview

Added 7 years ago | 1876 Views
If you want to show more of your overview text on each product's listing, you can change it by editing the following line in your /system/application/config/config.php: $config['store_min_word_length_product_overview'] = '50';

How to Change a Member's Affiliate Group

Added 7 years ago | 1793 Views
To Change a Member's Discount group 1. Go to Members list under >> Members > Manage Members or use the search tool on top of the JEM admin page 2.…

How to require users to purchase a membership product instead of registering for free

Added 7 years ago | 1786 Views
Should you want users to be redirected to the membership product that you want them to purchase instead of registering for free, you can edit the /system/application/config/config.php file with this…

How to View Member Store Credits

Added 7 years ago | 1748 Views
To view a member's store credits, follow these steps: Click on Members > Manage Members Click on the Member's name or the edit icon On the left hand side, click…


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