Enabling Ioncube Loading on GoDaddy Hosting

Added 5 years ago | 2349 Views
Some web hosts do not allow run time loading of ioncube loaders. Hosts such as GoDaddy or 1&1, require you to create a php5.ini or php.in file for JEM to…

JEM won't accept the license key. The field just keeps coming back blank.

Added 5 years ago | 2006 Views
This is usually an issue with your web host having "suhosin" enabled.  If your web host has suhosin enabled, you will need to have the following setting set to at…

Changing License Keys for Users

Added 5 years ago | 1318 Views
You may change license keys in your members area, under the licenses section.

Getting an error message:

Added 5 years ago | 1246 Views
If you get an message that says something like:   A Database error has occured Unable to connect to your database server using the provided settings.   you need to…

How To Enable Error Logging

Added 5 years ago | 1194 Views
To enable error logging, follow these steps: Open up /system/application/config/config.php for editing Edit the following line:$config['log_threshold'] = '4'; Select the logging level: Level 1 - log errors only Level 2…

Getting Updated Ioncube Loaders

Added 5 years ago | 1180 Views
If you are having issues with your ioncube loaders, you can download the most recent loaders directly from the ioncube website: http://www.ioncube.com/loaders.php  

Getting a 404 message when adding picture content

Added 5 years ago | 1143 Views
If you receive a 404 error when trying to add a picture to the main content, this usually means that your web host has mod_security enabled. You have to edit…

Viewing Error Logs

Added 5 years ago | 1114 Views
You can view error logs by following these steps: Click on Settings > Global Configuration > System > System Settings Scroll to the bottom and click on View Logs.  


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