Installation Guide

Added 7 years ago | 8400 Views
Installation Guide for JROX.COM eCommerce Manager Meeting System Requirements You must have all system requirements met before installing JEM. To view them, click here. Downloading the JEM files. You must…

System Requirements

Added 7 years ago | 5257 Views
JROX.COM eCommerce Manager  (JEM) currently requires the following system components: Unix, Linux, Apple - Based Web Hosting.  JEM is not supported on Windows Based Web Hosting Accounts PHP version 5.2…

Quick Overview of the JEM admin area

Added 7 years ago | 5232 Views
There are 10 major tabs in the JEM interface. In order: Dashboard - by default, once you log into the admin site you will see the dashboard tab highlighted on…

Upgrading JEM from version 1 to version 2

Added 6 years ago | 4273 Views
To upgrade JROX eCommerce Manager from version 1 to version 2, please follow these steps: Backup your JEM database and your JEM folder first.  You can run the database backup…

Quick Start Guide To JEM

Added 7 years ago | 2915 Views
JEM is a pretty user-friendly system.  However, it also does have a lot of features that you can enable or disable based on your site's preferences. *This document aims to…

Moving JEM to a different domain or web host

Added 7 years ago | 2715 Views
If you are looking to move JEM to a different domain, you do not need to reinstall it.  Just follow these steps: Copy all of your JEM files from your…

What is JEM?

Added 7 years ago | 1963 Views
JEM is short for JROX.COM eCommerce Manager.  It is an all-in-one eCommerce management system that includes shopping cart, affiliate marketing, content management, and web page editor as its core features.…


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