Understanding a User's Membership Details

When you sell memberships in JEM, each user who has subscribed to that membership will have a membership setup in his / her details area.  You can view a user's memberships through the Groups tab in their members details area.


 When you click on a membership, you will see the following window:

Membership Details:

  • Status - whether the user has an active or inactive membership.   If it is inactive, the user cannot login to this membership's folders or view membership exclusive content.
  • Membership - the actual membership the user is subscribed to.
  • Expiration Date - the date when the membership expires. This value is automatically updated during each membership interval when a payment is made.  For example, if you have a monthly membership, the expiration date renews another month after the most recent payment for the membership is made.
  • Subscription ID - this is a reference value used by your payment gateway such as paypal or authorize.net. 
  • Payment Type - the current payment gateway that is used to pay for this membership
  • Invoice ID - the most recent invoice ID that is associated to this membership.  This value is automatically updated with the new invoice ID after each recurring interval.  this should always be set with the most recent invoice ID for the user for this membership
  • Invoice Date - The date when the next invoice should be generated.  This value is automatically updated after each recurring interval with the value of the next interval's invoice date.  For example, if you have a monthly membership and the cron job just ran for this membership, it will set the invoice date exactly 1 month in the future.


When manually adding memberships
If you are migrating users from a different platform, you must first add the membership to the user.  You can do this in his members details area, under the Member Quick Links section.

Once you have added the membership, you must then set the Invoice Date to the NEXT interval's due date.


Example:  For a monthly membership, if a membership was last paid on  January 15, 2010, you must set the invoice date to February 12, 2010, so that the invoice will not be generated until then.  We suggest setting the invoice date to generate a few days before the actual payment is due so that the invoice is generated before the subscription payment comes in.



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