Store Settings

To see Store Settings, go to Settings >> Global Configuration.

Store Settings is the second tab. Under it you will see the following sub-tabs:

Product Settings
Cart Settings
Shipping Settings
Form Settings
Invoice Settings

Under Product Settings:

products per page - the number of products to show per page     
products on home page - number of products to show on store home page    
product listing style - select how products will be listed in your store, either in grid or list format    
images per product - the number of images to show per product page    
product description tab 1 - the name of the tab for each product description. for example: overview    
product description tab 2 - the name of the tab for each product description. for example: features    
enable product inventory system - use inventory system for physical products that are shipped    
enable global product inventory alerts - alert the admins when inventory levels drop below the level specified below    
low inventory alert level - the inventory amount to trigger an inventory alert    
manufacturers category name - enter the name you want to use for manufacturers on store pages. For example: brands    
show similar products on details page - show similar products on each product details page based on keywords
number of similar products to show - the number of similar products to show on product details page    
allow members to post product reviews - allow members to rate products and give reviews    
enable tell-a-friend
tell-a-friend code
enable social bookmarking per product
social bookmarks code


Under Cart Settings:

disable cart for maintenance - disable all ordering and redirect users to a temporary page     
use SSL on checkout - send the customer to an SSL-secured URL when checking out    
URL to use for SSL checkout - enter the URL to use for sending customers to a SSL secured checkout    
add customer to affiliate group - the affiliate group to add the user when signing up    
add customer to mailing list - the mailing list you want the customer to be added to after signing up    
remove customer from mailing list - if the user is subscribed to a different list, you can have them removed from it when they make a purchase    
store invoice prefix - the prefix attached to each store invoice generated    
enable recommended products before checkout - show the customer some recommended products before checkout    
number of recommended products to show - number of recommended products to show on checkout.    
show recommended products based on keywords


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