Marketing Settings

To see your Marketing Settings, go to Settings >> Global Configuration.


Marketing Settings is the fourth tab. Under it you will see the following sub-tabs:

Affiliate marketing
Marketing tools
Affiliate member options
Performance bonuses


Under Affiliate marketing:

enable affiliate marketing - enable or disable the affiliate marketing module.     
affiliate program type - the type of affiliate program you want to set up .   
pay commission on total sale amount - pay commissions on the total cart amount or per product.    
enable recurring commissions - enable recurring commissions on memberships.    

Note: some payment processors do not allow affiliate marketing levels more than one. you are responsible for complying with your payment processor's terms of service

affiliate commission levels - the number of levels you want your affiliate program to be    
affiliate commission type - affiliate commission type, either flat or percentage    
restrict downline view levels - only show a certain number of levels when viewing downlines    
affiliate link type - where you select the type of affiliate links to generate for your users    
restricted subdomains - subdomains that cannot be used for affiliate URLs    
set new commissions to new  - commissions will be marked this status by default    
require referral code on checkout - customers must enter a referral code on checkout if they were not referred by someone yet    
affiliate tracking timer in days - set the number of days to set the affiliate tracking cookie for    
pay lifetime commissions - enabling this option will allow you to pay commissions on all current and future purchases by the customer to the referring affiliate    
delete affiliate cookie after payment  - this option will delete the affiliate cookie from the customer computer after payment is made.    
auto approve commissions - auto approve commissions after certain amount of days, enter the number of days here. set to zero (0) to disable    
affiliate custom payment ID - the text to show for the custom ID area for each affiliate    
affiliate intro text - text to show users when referred by an affiliate    
minimum affiliate payment - minimum affiliate commissions a user must generate before a payment can be made
commission status on refund - set the corresponding commissions to this when a refund is made


Under Marketing tools:

enable direct product code - enable or disable link code that affiliates can copy and paste from product pages to promote that product     
enable replication - enable or disable website replication    
enable header / footer on replication pages - enable or disable the site theme header and footer on all replication pages    
enable affiliate profiles - enable or disable affiliate profile pages    
recommended products on profile pages - enable recommended products on profile pages    
allow affiliate profile description - allow users to add a short text description on their profile pages    
auto generate affiliate coupons - generate coupons for affiliates that can be used for promotions    
auto generated coupon amount - amount used for affiliate coupon discount    
auto generated coupon type - set this to flat or a percentage based coupon    
affiliate coupon expires interval - affiliate coupon expires after days set here    
recurring coupon - set the affiliate coupon to be used for memberships only    
generate member credits as coupons - if a member has credits, this option will generate coupon equivalents each month for the member    
limit affiliate coupon use - set a limit to the number of times the affiliate coupon can be used    
marketing tools per page - number of marketing tools to show on one page


Under Affiliate member options: The following fields let you enable or disable their corresponding functions.

show pending commissions in members area     
alert on downline signup     
alert on payment sent     
allow affiliate downline email     
allow downline view     
allow affiliate upload photos     
affiliate enable hostip lookup     
enable HTML editor for content     
restrict self commissions     
show affiliate downline details     
show downline members emails     
show affiliate username on pages     
allow expandable downline views



Under Performance bonuses: The following fields let you enable or disable their corresponding functions, set figures and limits for performance bonuses, trigger amounts (the amount at which a performance bonus will be earned) as well as the type of bonus earned.

enable performance bonuses     
performance bonus required     
performance criteria amount     
performance bonus type     
performance bonus amount     
enable affiliate signup bonus     
affiliate signup bonus amount     
enable referral signup bonus     
referral bonus signup amount


Under Network marketing: The following fields let you enable or disable their corresponding functions, as well as set the width of the forced matrix.

enable forced matrix downline     
forced matrix width     
forced matrix spillover     
forced matrix ID for spillover     
show active users only in downline


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