Managing Global Discounts

JEM has the ability to setup global discounts for your cart.  These global discounts allow you to setup discounts on minimum and maximum amounts when a user checks out from your JEM store.  An example would be the following:
  1. You have a 25% global discount setup with a minimum amount of $100.00 and a maximum amount of $200.00
  2. Your customer purchases enough products from your store and the cart total amounts to $150.00
  3. On checkout, the user's total amount will only be $112.50 ($150 - ($150.00 * 25%))
  4. The user gets a 25% discount on his entire cart amount on checkout as his cart total matches your global discount set.
To enable global discounts, follow these steps:
  1. Click on Marketing > Global Discounts
  2. On the Global Discounts screen, add as many global discount triggers as you want.
  3. Save it.
  4. Now, whenever a user checks out from your store, JEM will check if any of the global discount triggers will match the user's cart totals and add it if applicable.


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