How Does Recurring Memberships Work?

In JEM, you can create different memberships that can charge users on a recurring payment option.  You can create weekly, monthly, or annual pricing options. 

When the next interval for payment comes up, JEM can auto generate the invoice that needs to be paid by the customer.  For example, if they are subscribed to a monthly membership product, JEM will automatically generate the invoice a few days before the due date and email it to your customer for payment.

Now, you have a few options for collecting payment:
  1. Manual credit card payment - users can log in to your members area when their memberships are due and make payment via credit card.
  2. Subcription Payments - Some payment gateways, such as Paypal allow you to automatically collect the membership fee each month with no user intervention.  Paypal will deduct the amount from the customer's Paypal account and pay you.  It will also send an alert to your JEM software regarding payment and mark the corresponding invoice as paid with the correct Paypal transaction info.
  3. Manual payment by the Admin - If you take checks or some other offline payment option, you can manually enter the payment details for each invoice through the admin area to mark the invoice as paid.
Membership Access Issues

If a user does not pay the invoice on your site on time, he / she will be denied access to your membership privileges until  he / she pays for the invoice through her members area.  This includes removing access from:
  1. External Folders protected by JEM - If you are password protecting external folders through the JEM folder protection method, the user cannot access those areas upon login until his membership has been renewed.
  2. Membership Content Articles - The user will not be able to view any content articles on your JEM site that require membership level access
  3. Digital Downloads via Membership - If you have created digital downloads that are available through the membership, access to those products will be disabled until the membership has been renewed.
Cancelling Memberships

Users who want to cancel their membership must contact you directly for cancellation.  You can set their membership to 'inactive' in their member's details page so that future invoices will not be generated by JEM.  There is no option for members to cancel the membership themselves through their members area.


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