Configuring the Affiliate Marketing Module

To Configure the Affiliate Marketing Module, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Settings > Global Configuration > Marketing > Affiliate Marketing
  2. Specify the options to enable for affiliate marketing:
    • Enable Affiliate Marketing - Enable or Disable the affiliate marketing module.
    • Affiliate Program Type - JEM currently supports pay-per-sale
    • Pay Commission on Total Sale Amount - If you want to pay different commissions for each of your products, select per-product, otherwise, total sale will calculate commissions on the entire invoice amount
    • enable recurring commissions - if you want to pay recurring commissions on your memberships, enable it here.
    • Affiliate Commission Levels - the number of levels you want to setup for your affiliate program. The maximum is 10.
    • Restrict Downline View Levels - If you want to show a certain number of levels at a time, you can select that here.  you can then click on each affiliate to show the downlines for that user.  This option helps speed up the viewing of downlines if you have a lot of users in the system.
    • Affiliate Link Type  - JEM supports 3 types, regular, replicated website, or subdomain.
      • regular - links will be in the format:  Points to the home page.
      • subdomain - links will be in the format  Points to the home page.
      • replicated_site - links will be in the format and will point to your affiliate's replicated website.
    • Restricted Subdomains - Only used if you have subdomain affiliate links.  restricts the names of subdomains so that users who signup will not use them.
    • Set New Commissions To - The commission type to set new commissions to when they are generated.
    • Require Referral Code On Checkout - This option requires an affiliate cookie to be set when the user is in the checkout process.  If there is no affiliate tracking cookie set, the user must enter the affiliate username on the form for the referral code.
    • Affiliate Tracking Timer in Days - the number of days the affiliate cookie will last on a user's computer before expiring.
    • Pay Lifetime Commissions - Enable this option if you want the referring affiliate to get all the commissions resulting from a user's purchases for life.
    • Delete Affiliate Cookie After Payment - If you don't want to have a tracking cookie set after a user purchases from you, enable this option.
    • Auto Approve Commissions - Automatically approve pending commissions after a certain amount of days. Set to zero (0) to disable.
    • Affiliate Custom Payment ID - Text to be used if you are using the custom payment option field.
    • Affiliate Intro Text - The text to be used on your website.
    • Minimum Affiliate Payment - Minimum amount that the affiliate must generate in commissions before a payment is made.
    • Commission Status on Refund - When refunding payments, set the status that you want the associated commission to be when making the refund.
  3. Specify Optional Settings on the Marketing Tools, Affiliate Member Options, and Performance Bonuses Tab.
  4. To configure the Commission Amounts Per Level, click on Members > Manage Affiliate Groups.
  5. Click on the Default Affiliate Program Group.
  6. The Default Affiliate Program Group is the main affiliate group for your site.  If you will not be using different affiliate groups, then JEM will calculate all commissions from the settings configured in this group.
    • Enter the commission amounts you want to pay for each level. 
    • For percentage-based amounts, make sure to enter the decimal equivalent.  For example, for 10%, enter .10
  7. Users who signup will automatically be assigned to the default affiliate group.
  8. You can now configure marketing tools for your affiliate program.  For instructions on adding marketing tools, click here


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