Configuring Paypal Standard as a Payment Gateway

To Configure Paypal as a Payment Gateway, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Settings > Payment Gateways
  2. Click on the Paypal IPN link.
  3. On the Paypal Payments window, enter the following:
    • Module Name - the name you want customers to see when they select this payment option.
    • Paypal Email - your alertpay email account.
    • Paypal Form URL - If you need to change the URL, enter it here.
    • Paypal Currency Code - the currency code to use when making payments.
    • Disable IPN Verification - if you have issues with the IPN verification because of your web host's settings, disable this option.
    • Enable Debug Email - If you want the system to send you debug emails to your security alert email address, enter the email here.


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