Configuring Paypal Payments Pro

To Configure Paypal Pro as a Payment Gateway, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Settings > Installed Modules
  2. Click on Install Module
  3. Enter the following as specified on the image

    JROX paypal pro settings
  4. Click on Settings > Payment Gateways
  5. Click on the Paypal IPN link.
  6. On the Paypal Payments window, enter the following:
    • Module Name - the name you want customers to see when they select this payment option.
    • Gateway URL   - the URL for the paypal pro gateway.  the default is
    • API Username - Paypal PRO API username
    • API Password - Paypal PRO API password
    • API Signature - Paypal PRO API Signature
    • Require CVV - enable or disable CVV verification code
    • Credit Card Types - Visa,Mastercard,Discover
    • Enable Debug Email - If you want the system to send you debug emails to your security alert email address, enter the email here.
  7. Click Submit.
  8. If you get an error pertaining to the language file not being installed, you can download the attached language file below and upload it to/system/application/language/english/ folder.
  9. Make sure you have setup an SSL certificate on your site as well.


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