Adding Coupons

To add a Coupon, go to Marketing >> Coupons >> Add Coupon


In the new page that will appear, fill up the coupon details as follows:

Status - active or inactive

Coupon Code - you may enter a Coupon code that your members can use when they purchase from your store.

Coupon Type  - percent or flat rate

Coupon Amount  - you may enter an amount or percentage which would be deducted whenever your members purchase from your store. If you are using percentage, make sure to enter the percentage equivalent here in decimal format.  For example, for 10%, enter 0.10

Coupon Start Date  - enter the start date for the validity of the coupon code.

Coupon Expire Date   - enter the end date/expiration of the coupon code.

Number of Uses - the actual number of times this coupon has been used at checkout.

Click 'Submit'. Your new Coupon will be added.



Coupon Minimum Order   - enter a required minimum order to be able to use the coupon. 

Uses per Coupon  - enter how many times a coupon may be used.

Coupon Product Type   - product or membership.  you can select product for use with digital or physical products. If you want to give out coupons for membership products, set this option to 'membership'

Assign to Member  - you may assign the coupon directly to an affiliate.  This allows you to give out coupons to your affiliates for use in their own affiliate marketing campaigns. Many affiliates will welcome a discount to your products while still being able to earn a commission from their referrals.

Click 'Submit'.



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