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eCommerce Manager Feature List

Member Management

  • Free Version is limited to 50 members / customers
  • Standard Version has unlimited members / customers
  • Add / Edit / Delete Members
  • Set Custom Affiliate and Discount Groups per Member
  • Collect Billing, Shipping, and Affiliate Payment Information
  • Option to Redirect an Affiliate Link to a Custom URL on a Per Member Basis
  • Support for Dynamic Affiliate Links for Members

Product Management

  • Sell Unlimited Physical, Digital and / or Membership-Based Products
  • Create Unlimited Product Categories and Sub Categories
  • Create Unlimited Custom Attributes Per Product with Variable Pricing
  • Create Unlimited Product Manufacturers or Brands
  • Create Unlimited Product Vendors for Remote Drop Shipping Support
  • Support for Product Ratings and Reviews
  • Upload Unlimited Photos Per Product
  • Support for Product Videos streamed through YouTube or Custom Flash Video
  • Set Availability and Expiration Dates Per Product
  • Enable Trial Pricing for Membership-Based Products
  • Built-In Product Inventory Alert System
  • True Support for Custom Commissions Per Product, Per Level, Per Affiliate Group
  • Auto Add Customers to Mailing List Per Product
  • Set Custom Product Pricing Per Discount Group

Integrated Affiliate Marketing System

  • Completely Integrated Affiliate Marketing Module
  • Generate Commissions on 10 Levels
  • True Support for Custom Commissions Per Product, Per Level, Per Affiliate Group
  • Create Unlimited Affiliate Groups(Tiers) with Custom Commissions Per Group
  • Built-In Support for Image and Flash Banners
  • Built-In Support for Article, HTML, Email and Text Ads
  • Built-In Support for Text Links
  • Built-In Support for Viral PDFs
  • Built-In Support for Viral Videos
  • Integrated Affiliate Coupon Generation
  • Unlimited Affiliate Web Page Replication
  • Support for Member Recommended Profiles
  • Built-In Support for Affiliate Performance Bonuses through Group Upgrade or Amount
  • Support for Recurring Commissions for Memberships
  • Support for Dynamic Subdomains as Affiliate Links (username.domain.com)
  • Support for Referral Code at Payment Checkout
  • Built-In Option for Affiliate Downline Viewing and Emailing
  • Support for a Variety of Affiliate Mass Payment Options like Paypal Mass Payment
  • Generate Store Coupons for Affiliate Commissions

Affiliate and Discount Groups

  • Create Unlimited Affiliate Groups
  • Create Unlimited Discount Groups
  • Auto Upgrade Members to Affiliate Groups Based On Performance

Advertising and Promotion

  • Built-In Advertisiing Blocks for Google AdSense Type Code
  • Create Unlimited Coupons
  • Auto Generate Affiliate Coupons on Signup

Invoices and Billing Management

  • Add / Edit / Delete Invoices
  • Ability to Send Order Status Emails to Customers
  • Auto Generate Invoicees for Memberships

Content Management System

  • Add / Edit / Delete Unlimited Web Pages
  • Create Scheduled Blog Entries via the Admin Area
  • Built-In HTML WYSIWYG editor
  • Create Unlimited Content Categories
  • No HTML Knowledge Required
  • Support for Image Uploads
  • Blog Style Content Editing
  • RSS Feeds for Content

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Module

  • Create Unlimited FAQ articles
  • Create Unlimited FAQ Categories
  • Auto Create FAQ article on Support Ticket Response
  • RSS Feeds for FAQs

Newsletters and Mailing List Management

  • Create Unlimited Mailing Lists
  • Create Unlimited Follow-Up Autoresponders per Mailing List
  • Create Custom Mailing Lists Per Product
  • Auto Add Customers to Mailing List on Product Purchase
  • Auto Remove Customers From Mailing List on Purchase
  • Ability to Archive Outgoing Emails
  • Auto Queue Outgoing Emails
  • Auto Prune Archived Emails After X Days
  • Use PHP / SMTP / QMail / Sendmail for Outbound Email Sending

Help Desk and Support System

  • Integrated Help Desk Ticketing System
  • Create Unlimited Help Desk Categories
  • Users can Submit Tickets via their Members' Area
  • Auto Alert Admins on Ticket Creation / Response
  • Auto Close Tickets After X Days

Statistics and Reporting

  • Built-In Traffic Statistics Reports
  • Built-In Affiliate Commission Reports
  • Built-In Sales Reports
  • Top Affiliate Reports
  • Monthly Stats and Reports
  • Yearly Stats and Reports
  • Ability to Archive and Save any Report for Future Reference

Site Design and Layout

  • Set Home Page as Custom Page, Store, or Content
  • Upload your own Custom Logo
  • Enable / Disable Left and Right Columns on Different Sections
  • Quickly Add Custom CSS via Admin Area
  • Dynamically Generate Site Menus via Menu Maker Option
  • Enable / Disable / Move Layout Boxes via Admin Area
  • Create Simple HTML or Custom Layout Boxes

Website Themes and Templates

  • Download / Upload Website Themes through Admin Area
  • Easily Change Themes through Admin Area
  • Download Dozens of Free and Premium Templates from JROX.COM
  • We create New Templates for Download Every Month

Forms Management

  • Easily Enable / Disable Form Fields through the Forms Manager Option
  • Create Custom Fields for Other Required Data
  • Customize Registration, Checkout, Membership and Contact Form Fields

Application and Data Security

  • Enable IP Restriction to Admin Area
  • Auto Block IP on Submission Errors
  • Enable Form Flood Control
  • Auto Block Free Email Address Domains
  • Enable CAPTCHA verification images on Checkout / Registration / Comments / Reviews

Data Import and Export

  • Built-In Import Modules
  • Built-In Export Modules
  • Ability to Export ┬áMembers, Products, Invoices, Payments, or Commissions

Languages and Currencies

  • Add / Edit / Delete Language Files
  • Edit Language File Text via Admin Area
  • Add / Edit / Delete Currencies
  • Easily Update Currencies through Currency Update Module

Shipping Options

  • Calculate Shipping via Percentage of Amount
  • Calculate Shipping via Unit Cost
  • Calculate Shipping Per Item
  • Calculate Shipping on a Flat Rate Basis
  • Support for Free Shipping
  • Support for USPS Shipping Calculation
  • Support for UPS Shipping Calculation
  • Support for Remote Vendors or Drop Shipping
  • Calculate Shipping Based on Vendor Zip Code

Regions and Taxes

  • Add / Edit / Delete Countries and Regions
  • Create Different Tax Zones Per Country / Region
  • Setup New Regions and Provinces

Third-Party Module Integration

  • JEM Supports Third-Party Integration through Modules
  • Modules can build for System Actions such as Account Addition / Update / Delete / Login and Post Product Purchase

Search-Engine Optimization

  • All URLs generated by JEM are Search-Engine Friendly.
  • Affiliate Links are Search-Engine Friendly (301 Redirects)
  • Auto Generate XML Site Maps for Search Engine Indexing


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