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Major Features

" I DOUBT IT!! JROX is the best affiliate management program I have ever used!! -The user friendly display -The ease of installation -The flexibility of design -The dummy proof way of adding promotional tools -The PRICE!!! (FREE) (If you want to upgrade AFTER 50 affiliates, you should have already made… "


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JEM Gives You A Full Blown Integrated Affiliate Marketing and Promotional Machine

Integrated Affiliate Marketing System

JEM has a completely integrated affiliate marketing system that allows you to automatically setup your very own referral program.  Recruit and manage a virtual army of salespeople that can exponentially increase your sales with no additional advertising costs Read More...

Wide Variety of Affiliate and Viral Marketing Tools

The JEM affiliate marketing system supports a number of affiliate marketing tools like banner ads, HTML ads, viral PDFs and even viral videos.  Viral Marketing Tools such as AddThis and Social Twist are automatically embedded on every single product page, allowing your visitors to promote each product with one click   Read More...

Custom Commissions Per Group, Per Product, Per Level

Get true support for custom commissions on a per product, per level, per group setting. You can enable or disable commissions for any product, and change the commission amounts for other products so you can maximize revenue without sacrificing promotional incentives. Read More...

Unlimited Affiliate Groups and Performance Tiers

>the JEM affiliate marketing system comes with the ability to setup unlimited affiliate groups with different commission amounts.  Create different affiliate groups with multiple tiers that allow you to automatically promote your members from one group to another. Read More...

Motivate Affiliates with Performance Bonuses

Your affiliates can generate more sales for your online store by setting up your very own performance bonus criteria. Give affiliates a financial incentive by either generating a flat bonus commission when they reach a specific goal, or promote them to a higher tier or affiliate group.   Read More...

Optional Website Replication System

The JEM eCommerce System automatically generates affiliate links that point directly to your online store.  However, if you want to have a custom replicated web page specifically for your affiliate to use to promote your site, you can create them in JEM just the same. Read More...

Direct Product Linking and Offline Affiliate Coupons

Allow your affiliate members to promote any of your products directly using a unique affiliate URL.  By doing so, they can point to each of your product pages directly without having to send users to your main referral URL. Read More...

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